Hey! I’m Nisha! I’m a Toronto native in my late 20’s. I created this blog because I wanted a platform where I can share some life advice and delve more into personal finance and my experiences when it comes to money. 

My Story

I grew up with a basic understanding of finance. What I mean is that I knew the concept of saving money and that I should be “avoiding credit cards at all costs because you’ll get into debt and you’re too young”(tips from my elders). Aside from that, I didn’t know much else. And speaking of debt, my introduction to it was when I was enrolling for university. We couldn’t afford my degree out of pocket so I had to sign up student loans. All I knew was that its money that doesn’t belong to me and that I would have to pay it back. How? Not sure because I never made more than $25 000 in a year while in school.


When I graduated from college (my second program in April 2018), I had racked up $17 000 in student loans. I was also unemployed when I graduated yet I had set a goal that seemed impossible at the time. That goal was to become debt-free by November 2019. A new grad with a big goal launched me into a new journey. And that was the journey to financial freedom. I envisioned a life where I would have more freedom because I had no liabilities (aka consumer debt). 


In total, I had $29 000 due to my student loan and car loan. After landing a job 2 months after college, I worked on educating myself about money and creating a plan to get out of debt. I can safely say that my plan worked and I became debt-free within 10 months! 


While there are blog posts that are reflective of my experiences, I would love to hear more from you! Don’t be afraid to reach out for inquiries, advice or just to vent! I hope the content on my blog helps or resonates with you in some way 🙂


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All the best!


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