Hey, I’m Nisha! I’m a Toronto native in my late 20’s and I’m on a journey to create generational wealth! How did this begin? Well…

 My Journey To Financial Freedom 

I grew up with a basic understanding of finance. What I mean is that I was taught how to save and manage the money I was making. I was also taught to avoid debt as much as possible as it “causes more harm than good”. While I still live by some of the knowledge my Elders shared, I realized with time and experience that some of their advice was rooted in fear and not having the same access to resources that my generation has. The fear that cycles of financial restraint may be repeated but I am a firm believer that they’ve paved the way for a new cycle to be created.

 My first financial challenge was debt. I was introduced to it after enrolling in university. We couldn’t afford my degree out of pocket so I had to sign up for student loans. All I knew about debt at the time was that it’s money that doesn’t belong to me and that I would have to pay it back with interest. How? Not sure because I never made more than $25 000 in a year while in school.

 I had $17 000 in student loans by the time I graduated in 2018. I was also unemployed by then yet I had set a goal that seemed impossible at the time. That goal was to become debt-free by November 2019. A new grad with a big goal launched me into this journey to financial freedom. 

 In total, I had $29 000 worth of debt due to my student and car loan. After landing a job a couple of months out of college, I worked on educating myself about money and creating a plan to get out of debt. I can safely say that my plan worked and I became debt-free within 10 months! 

 Blog Goal

The mission of my blog is to show it is possible to change your finances despite starting with little. Though it is a challenge, it is not impossible to accomplish! It takes time, dedication and the right resources to get it done. I hope what I share helps you in some way, inspires you to dream big and to after the life you’ve envisioned!

All the best!