5 Ways To Prioritize Self-Care In Quarantine

2020 has been a strange one so far. Wrapping my mind around having to stay inside for several more weeks is still a doozy.  At first, I was okay with being home as it was initially said that everything will be on shutdown for 2 weeks. However, it became clear that this shutdown will be …

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Personal Finance Tips

5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Car

Let me be the first (well not really) to say it: cars are convenient! You can get to your destination with more ease! If you’re like me, you’ll also enjoy having alone time while listening to your favorite tracks or podcasts (it’s therapeutic if you ask me).  Having a vehicle makes it easier to bring …

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Personal Finance

Debt Freedom: How I Became Debt-Free In 10 Months!

“3,2,1,”  *screams*  “I’M DEBT FREEEEEEEEEE!!!” (this is my fave segment on the Dave Ramsey show lol)    $29 000 (approx. without interest) paid off in 10 months!!! I’m extremely relieved, exhilarated and proud of myself!!!!!  It was a gruelling 10 months, but doing this got me out of increasing debt (aka debt plus interest. The Devil’s work tbh). If I didn’t have a …

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4 Ways To Access Affordable Mental Health Services

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for us to talk about our family doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, or other professionals who don’t specialize in mental health? “I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I’ve had stomach pains for weeks. I need to get it checked out.” ” I’m going to see my physiotherapist for my …

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